About Sparky

Christopher PaoneSparky the Clown is actually Christopher Paone, a resident of St. Johns County, Florida since 1990. Christopher attended Flagler College and graduated magna cum laude with a major in graphic design and minors in fine art and advertising. He also taught as an adjunct instructor at Flagler College. Upon graduation, Chris worked as graphic artist for seven years for a large health food distribution company. Ultimately, his love for working with kids sent him back to Flagler College to receive certification as a teacher. Chris successfully made the transition into the classroom and has been a full-time educator for six years. He is active in a local church and has been on short-term mission trips to the Bahamas, Haiti, and French Guiana.

Sparky was born out of Christopher’s love for Christ and his involvement in church ministry. After being invited to a Halloween party hosted by some church friends (Thanks Ed & Beth!), he decided to come to the event dressed as a clown. Soon folks from the church were asking if Chris could come to other events dressed as a clown. It was a slow process, but Sparky was chasing Chris down. Christopher’s father also played a role by coming up with the character name “Sparky”. The idea behind the clown name was to bring the laughter, joy, and hope (Spark!) of Jesus Christ to others. Chris could already juggle and other skills quickly followed. Ultimately, Chris met J.B. Dick or “Jelly Bean” the clown, a famous long-time circus clown, and attended Jelly Bean’s Clown College in 2002. Soon after, Chris became a member of World Clown Association and was able to attend their annual convention. Things grew rapidly and the rest is history. Today, Sparky is a member of World Clown Association, Clowns of America International, South East Clown Association, Gator Clowns of Jacksonville, and carries professional performer’s insurance. He has entertained at numerous events, churches, restaurants, and birthday parties throughout St. Johns, Flagler, and southern Duval counties.



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