Party Planning Tips

PLAN AHEAD: The sooner you start planning your party, the better off you will be. The best parties start out with good planning and organization. Our calendar stays very busy and full, so it is helpful if you get your party scheduled as soon as you can. This will avoid conflicts with other scheduled events and insures that you get the date and time that you desire. Obviously, major holidays such as the July 4th weekend and spring and fall months fill up fast. It is never too early to give a call and get your event on our calendar! This also allows you adequate time to send out invitations and have a clear idea of how many guests will be coming to your event. Your guests will appreciate this advance notice as well.

HOW MANY GUESTS? For birthday parties, the best size is about 12 children; although, we have entertained at many larger parties and can help plan a successful party around your needs and budget.

STARTING TIME: Consider having our performer come to your event thirty minutes to one hour after your party starts. This will allow late arriving guests to get settled in and not miss any of the action. This will also let the children greet each other and perhaps participate in some other party events or jump around in the bouncer, if you have one at your party. The sense of anticipation is a good thing and we want the children to be excited and looking forward to the arrival of Sparky or any other performers. It’s best to provide a time window to expect our arrival, since we often come from other events.

THEMES: Once your event is scheduled, you will need to consider a theme. Often, the best parties center on a theme and we can help create a party that fits into your unique plan. Some popular themes include, a circus, Spiderman, zoo animals, and princess, to name a few.

PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENT: If Sparky or another clown is coming to your event, you will need to provide a large room for the performance, such as a family room or porch that is open and free of obstructions and breakables such as antiques or knick-knacks. Sparky will usually set up a rolling cart. It is necessary for the children to sit on the floor or in seats in a stage-like arrangement so that they can not see behind the performer’s back. The show is upbeat and full of high energy; with that in mind, during the hot, summer months, it is preferable to perform indoors in a cool air-conditioned environment. However, Sparky has performed numerous outside events that have been very successful. If your show is outside, a shaded area is absolutely required and a back-up plan should be established in case of inclement weather. also has a professional 10’ x 10’ pop-up canopy available for rent. It is imperative to be situated away from pools or similar areas where children will be tempted to throw expensive props into the swimming pool!

These are a few strategies that have proved to be excellent during similar events in the past. We hope they will also help you and we want to help make your event a great success! Give us a call!



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